Brake Repair: Top / Common Causes for Brake Damage

One of the most critical components of your vehicle is its brakes. Without brakes, your vehicle can only do half of its purpose. Therefore, brake repair and maintenance should be one of your top priorities as an automotive owner. It is critical to ensure your brakes are running smoothly to avoid injury to you, your vehicle, or someone else. Fortunately, there are many indicators to give you a heads up about any possible hazards in your braking system. Below are the top signs to let you know if you need to schedule brake repair with an auto service technician expert. If you are experiencing these problems with your braking system, it is important to contact a professional right away in order to replace or adjust the pads to prevent further damage.

Squealing or screeching noise

This is often the first indicator that your vehicle needs brake repair or has a problem with the braking system. This noise is made by the metal shim when you depress the brakes. If this is a one-time occurrence for your vehicle, it could be due to exposure of water in your braking system. However, if you are hearing it constantly it is time to schedule an appointment at your local auto repair shop

Grinding noise

This next indicator lets you know that it is definitely time to get your braking system inspected by a professional. Any grinding noise coming from your brakes is caused by the metal disc and caliper colliding due to worn-out brake pads. This is very dangerous to drive on!

Spongy Pedal

A less noticeable indicator that your brake pads are worn down is having a spongy pedal. This means that your braking system is not responding as it should and is requiring you to push down really hard on the brake pedal with minimal response.

Vibrations or Pulling

This indicator is dangerous because it means you lack control over your vehicle. When you have uneven or warped brake pads due to intense friction, your vehicle will consistently vibrate and pull to one side. This is unsafe for you and should be taken care of immediately. Our team is full of experts on this topic and will help you get to the root of the problem to get you back on the road driving safely in no time! 

You rely on your braking system way more than you would like to think and therefore underestimate the amount of maintenance it needs which leads to increased damage. That is why it is essential to remain cautious of all the signs listed above. If you happen to notice any of these indicators give one of our highly trained technicians who has spent years handling braking systems just like yours a call to get to the root of the problem! If you have any concerns at all on your braking we have been a reliable provider in your area for years and will complete any of your auto repair needs to get you back on the road quickly and efficiently.